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Are you ready to take your sailing skills to the next level? 

Go Baja Sailing School offers advanced ASA Sailing courses!
Now you can get your Advanced Coastal Cruising (ASA106) certification, Coastal Navigation (ASA105) and, if you don’t already have it, Cruising Catamarans (ASA 114), in our exclusive ASA advanced sail training combo course!
Taking advantage of our unique location, sailing in the beautiful, but challenging waters of the Sea of Cortez, we do our advance training sailing from La Paz, north to Isla San Franciso, Isla San Jose or San Evaristo.
The Coastal Navigation (ASA105) course is offered through a partner ASA school that specializes in online navigation training. ASA 105 is a prerequisite and must be completed prior to arriving for the 1-week, liveaboard, ASA 106 course.
The liveaboard part of the course includes a private cabin aboard one of our cruising catamarans, either a Lagoon 38 (3 cabins/2 heads) or Fountaine Pajot 44 (4 cabins/2 heads). All inclusive, 3+ meals per day of provisions (groceries), non-alcoholic beverages, all safety equipment, Cressi snorkeling gear, SUP/Kayaks, Inflatable Dingy/Outboard motor, bedding, linens and towels, etc.

Get all three courses and ASA certifications for one low price of $3995 per person single occupancy / $3495 per person Double Occupancy.

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ASA 106 Advanced Coastal Cruising: Mastering the Seas with Skill and Confidence

Are you an aspiring sailor seeking to conquer the coastal waters with expertise and assurance? Look no further than the American Sailing Association’s (ASA) renowned ASA 106 Advanced Coastal Cruising course.

Designed for sailors aiming to elevate their seamanship to the next level, this comprehensive program provides the knowledge, skills, and practical experience needed to navigate coastal waters safely and confidently.

The ASA 106 curriculum builds upon the foundation laid in earlier, ASA courses, such as ASA 101 (Basic Keelboat Sailing), ASA 103 (Basic Coastal Cruising), and ASA 104 (Bareboat Cruising) and ASA 105 (Coastal Navigation), all of which are prerequisites for the Advanced Coastal Cruising course.

As such, participants are expected to have a solid grasp of fundamental sailing principles, including sail trim, boat handling, navigation, and safety procedures.

This course serves as a bridge between recreational sailing and more advanced offshore adventures, preparing sailors for the challenges and responsibilities of coastal cruising and is led by experienced and certified ASA instructors. Participants delve into a range of topics essential for coastal cruising, such as:

1. Advanced Navigation Techniques: Master the art of coastal navigation using electronic and traditional methods, including chart plotting, GPS navigation, and piloting. Learn to interpret tide and current data, assess weather patterns, and plan routes effectively to navigate coastal waters with precision.

2. Passage Planning and Execution: Develop the skills to plan and execute coastal passages safely and efficiently. Explore strategies for route planning, waypoint selection, and watchkeeping, while honing your ability to adapt to changing conditions and unforeseen challenges.

3. Night-time Coastal Piloting and Navigation: Watch standing, course steering, navigation and emergency procedures (Crew Overboard) during an overnight passage.

4. Seamanship and Safety: Deepen your understanding of seamanship principles and safety protocols essential for coastal cruising. Explore topics such as anchoring techniques, collision avoidance, emergency procedures, and onboard safety equipment, ensuring you’re prepared to handle any situation that may arise at sea.

5. Crew Management and Communication: Learn the importance of effective communication and teamwork aboard a cruising vessel. Develop leadership skills and techniques for managing crew responsibilities, fostering a positive onboard atmosphere, and maximizing safety and efficiency while underway.

Upon successful completion of the ASA 106 Advanced Coastal Cruising course, participants emerge as competent and capable coastal sailors, ready to embark on their own coastal cruising adventures with skill and confidence. Whether you’re planning a weekend getaway along the coast or dreaming of an extended voyage to distant shores, ASA 106 equips you with the knowledge, experience, and proficiency to navigate coastal waters with mastery and assurance.

Don’t let your coastal cruising aspirations remain just dreams—take the helm and set sail towards your next maritime adventure with ASA 106 Advanced Coastal Cruising. Unlock the secrets of the sea and discover the thrill of coastal exploration like never before. Enroll today and embark on a journey that will redefine your sailing experience forever.

Take advantage of our all inclusive pricing: $3995 per person single occupancy / $3495 per person double occupancy.



Great Meal Plan (including fresh local fish and jumbo shrimp)!


All ASA Certification Costs for ASA 105, ASA 106 and ASA 114


Fuel & Moorage


ASA Certified Captain/Instructor


Private stateroom


Linens, towels, and all you need for a great sailing vacation!


High speed satellite WIFI aboard


Snorkeling gear, Kayaks or SUP's, Dingy, Outboard...


Our boats are professionally cleaned using standards set by WHO and certified Covid-safe

Due to the Pacific hurricane season, our regular school operations runs from October thru May. To inquire about booking during the summer months, please complete the inquiry form (click on the “contact us to schedule” button below) and we will follow up with you ASAP. 

Puerta Cortes , La Paz, BCS Mexico

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