Our boats are inspected and certified Covid-safe.

While all of us have been in quarantine we have been working hard in La Paz to make things as safe as possible from the CoViD-19 virus
     Our team has taken training in SARS-CoV-2 / CoViD-19 prevention and primary care.  Some of you may not know but the same parent company of both Go Baja Charters and Go Baja Sailing, has eight AirBnB houses /Villas. So all of our AirBnB units and charter boats are cleaned and disinfected according to IMSS a Mexican Government Health Organization’s recommendations. All of our boats as well as our AirBnB units are not only thoroughly cleaned they must pass a rigorous inspection in adherence to standards set for by Mexico´s federal public health authorities (SSA and IMSS) before you arrive to your accommodations.   
     Tempature checks of all our students and instructors are taken before boarding. Any student or staff member with a temperature of 38°C or higher must be tested for CoViD-19 at the INDRE approved lab in La Paz before a charter can begin. All tuition costs are applied 100% to your class now or in the future.

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