Sailing class April 2016 La Paz

My wife and I took the Go Baja sailing class in La Paz. It was a lot of work and we had a lot less free time than we expected. But we soon realized that there was so much to learn and our Instructor, Jim Fuller, was not about to leave anything out. He was committed to making sure that each student learned everything they needed to know to pass the tests for certification; both in technical knowledge and hands on practice. He explained things well and was a thorough teacher. He worked hard from dawn to dusk and slept in the cockpit to make sure he was aware of any situation that might put us in danger due to the wind and waves. We enjoyed the beautiful Espiritu Santo Island scenery, the snorkeling in the bluest water on earth, the fun times of sailing and the camaraderie aboard the boat (meals were fantastic!). We read a lot online about different classes and people’s opinions on whether or not classes are even necessary. In our opinion, the classes are a must! Go Baja also has the best prices.

A couple of suggestions/considerations if you are taking the course:

– We asked if we could bring our 4 years old to the course with us. Jim explained that it would be very difficult to accommodate a child while taking the course. After taking the class, we think it would have been impossible to do it with our child! We spent a lot of time practicing drills and sailing; we would not have been able to learn what we did and tend to a child at the same time.
– Read your books right before the class so that the information is fresh in your mind when you arrive.
– Pack light. We both could have taken 1/2 of what we actually packed. The course is very active from morning until evening, leaving little time to fuss with hair/makeup and clothing changes.

We would highly recommend this experience to anyone interested in learning to sail. With the confidence we have gained from Go Baja Sailing Live Aboard Course, we are already planning our next sailing trip!

Gary and Jessica